Little Witchery founder Ariel Kusby at age 8

Little Witchery is an online resource center and community dedicated to accessible everyday magic. We believe that a little bit of witchery, infused with practical ritual, imaginative play, and positive intention, can nurture and heal kids (and adults’ inner children).

Little Witchery is for:

  • Kids who love magical stories and want to become witches themselves.
  • Adults who want to nurture their inner child, harness creativity, or have fun through re-learning how to play.
  • Parents looking for imaginative activities for their children.
  • Teachers looking for hands-on and empowering ways to inspire students.
  • The magically curious.

Our Values:

  • Imagination and play are sacred rights that deserve to be nurtured.
  • Witchery can be accessible, simple, and practical.
  • Magic is for anyone and everyone. It it is for people of any age, gender, sex, race, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, religion, color, size, and country of origin.

Little Witchery is here to help you bring a bit more magic into your life. You deserve mystery and enchantment every day: just a little witchery.