Book Review: “C Is For Coven” By Andrea Stein

Want to introduce your children to the basic concepts of witchcraft and magic? C Is For Coven is a sweet primer for little pagans and witchlings. The perfect way to start ’em young, it introduces key magical concepts in a way that is accessible, positive, and altogether enchanting. An excellent conversation starter for magically curious kiddos, it introduces practices like “Drawing Down The Moon” and lesser-known words like “besom” in short, approachable sentences, making this an ideal entry point into the world of paganism. What elevates this book beyond a typical alphabet board book is the quality of the writing, which is poetic and luminous. This is a book that begs to be read aloud, re-read, and savored at bedtime.

The art is just as enchanting as the writing. The pastel illustrations convey the proper amount of wonder for the luminous world of magic that exists at our fingertips, for all of us to tap into. The illustrations depict a diversity of witches, a reflection of the broader witchcraft community. Witches of all stripes will see themselves in Stein’s empowered, strong witches. The book practically radiates with loving intention and light magic. Each page is a mini love spell of sorts: for kids and the magic they hold. This book is much a gift for children as it is for the adults who will share it with them. A wonderful gift for a witch of any age, C Is For Coven is a must-read for pagan parents and kids, or anyone who wants to tap into the wonder and magic of witchcraft. 

C Is For Coven is written by Andrea Stein, founder of Moondust Press, the imprint is dedicated to creating resources for children being raised in homes practicing alternative spiritualities, breaking down stereotypes about witchcraft and Pagan practices in children’s literature, and providing needed diverse representation. Check them out here.

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