10 Ways To Celebrate Ostara With Children

Ostara is an ideal pagan holiday to celebrate with children. A pagan sabbat that takes place on the Spring Equinox, many of its key symbols and celebrations center around activities that kids love: things like egg decorating, exploring, planting seeds, and connecting with cute baby animals! Here are ten super fun Ostara activities for little witches:

  1. Learning About The Lore of Ostara: Most kids know about the Easter Bunny, but most are not familiar with the story of its pagan origins. Ostara (and Easter) derive their names from the Germanic goddess Eostre, who represented spring, the dawn, fertility, and new beginnings. It is said that when she came across a wounded bird whose wings were frozen by the snow, she took pity on him and turned him into a rabbit. She let him keep his ability to lay eggs, though, and so he decorated them and gave them to the goddess as a gift of gratitude for her kindness.
  1. Dyeing Eggs: Kids can celebrate and honor the goddess Eostre by dyeing and decorating their own colorful eggs. To infuse even more witchery into the practice, try painting or drawing sigils, pentagrams, and other magical symbols on them. You can use color magic to decide which hues to use, and you can even make your own natural dyes to color them with! 
  1. Go For A Spring Walk: Spring is an ideal time to go exploring. Signs of new life, like flowers and baby animals, are beginning to pop up everywhere. Make it a scavenger hunt and try to see how many different types of new flowers you can find, and you can even practice floromancy, or the art of using flowers for divination, with the flowers you come across! Many witches believe that each flower has special meanings, and when you see a particular flower at the beginning of spring, it can give you a sign of what is to come.
  1. Plant Seeds: Spring is the time to plant seeds, both physically and metaphorically. Gardening with kids teaches many potent lessons about how to nurture and be patient. Plus, it’s super fun to get your hands dirty and poke the seeds into new little holes in the ground. Make it a ritual and practice saying blessings or spells as you plant the seeds, infusing your witch’s garden with magic.
  1. Make An Ostara Altar: Spring altars are so easy and fun to make. Gather some fresh flowers together, or buy some from the grocery and arrange them on the altar. Try incorporating other Ostara symbols like eggs, rabbit and chick figurines, spring goddess representations, and seeds into the altar, and let the little witchlings continue to add to it as they come across new items that might be a good fit. Because Ostara happens in the spring, the season associated with the direction of East and the element of air, try incorporating these elements into your altar as well by positioning the altar to face East and adding symbols of air like incense, feathers, chimes, and bells. 
  1. Explore Rabbit Magic: Bunnies are one of the key symbols of Ostara because they are associated with fertility and abundance. Spring is a time when everything is starting to grow, and the prevalence of new baby bunnies running around only serves as a reminder of this. If you can, go to a wildlife area where rabbits live and see if you can watch some. Leave out an offering of some lettuce for rabbits, or if there are no physical buns nearby, leave it out for the rabbit spirit who can visit you wherever you live. Buy or make plush rabbits and other rabbit representations and place them around your house as reminders of prosperity, growth, and soft fuzzy bunny love.
  1. Bake Hot Cross Buns: A pagan tradition long before they were an Easter one, this delicious bread was inspired by the Sun Wheel, a symbol of perfect balance at the equinox. They are super delicious, fun to bake, and relatively simple to make…the perfect baking activity for kids! There are lots of different recipes, but we particularly love this recipe that includes little bunnies poking out from between the buns.
  1. Spring Cleaning: Because spring is a time of new beginnings, it makes sense that it’s a good time to do a good deep house cleaning! Go through your things and see what you no longer use or need, and practice offering gratitude for each item as you pass it along. Scrub those floors, and dust all of those long-neglected corners! In addition to doing a physical cleaning, try doing an energetic cleaning too. Burn cleansing herbs in your space and use your intention and imagination to visualize any stale or negative energy leaving your house. Try sprinkling some salt around the windows and doors, hang fresh protective herbs in your home, and plant herbs like rosemary or lavender at your front doorway. 
  1. Connect With The Fairies: Spring is a time when the fairy world becomes more active. The fae love greenery, flowers, and color, so it makes sense that they begin to appear more and more often as the natural world begins to swell and blossom. This is a great time to try making a fairy garden or house for nearby wee nature spirits. You can do this in the base of a potted plant, in your backyard, or at the base of a tree in a nearby park.
  1. Egg Hunt: This classic spring scavenger hunt activity does not have to be reserved only for Easter! Similar to the Easter Bunny, it also has pagan origins. You can infuse some magic into it by filling plastic eggs with fortunes, spells, and intentions instead! Alternately, you can leave trinkets like stones or figurines in them, or healthy snacks like nuts and seeds. 

Happy Vernal Equinox, little witches! We hope you have a most magical Ostara.

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