How To Be A Witch: Part 2 – Moon Magic

Our bodies are inextricably tied to the cycle of the moon. For thousands of years, human beings have noticed how the moon affects ocean tides, and on a much smaller level, how it influences the water in our bodies. Simply paying attention to how your body, mind, and spirit feel at certain times of the month can tell you a lot about the moon’s effect on you. Do you tend to have trouble sleeping at the full moon, or you want to stay home more often at the dark moon? Start journaling, perhaps in your personal grimoire or book of shadows, to track these changes for easy reference later. 

Traditionally, the moon was associated with feminine energy. It was deeply connected to intuition, dreams, water, psychic knowing, and receptivity. Because so much of contemporary witchcraft is influenced by the concept of the divine feminine, it makes sense that witches tend to venerate the moon. 

The moon doesn’t only affect our bodies: it influences everything on earth, including your spellwork. That’s why it can be a wise idea to plan your magical timing for days when the moon’s phase can aid your witchery instead of hinder it. 

Dark Moon Magic: What most people refer to as the new moon is actually the dark moon, the time when the moon is completely hidden and the sky is dark. This is a good time to do inner exploration and shadow work. It’s a quiet, internal time. Explore hidden parts of yourself that you don’t normally pay attention to, either through meditation, trance, journaling, or divination. 

The Waxing Moon: At the new moon, when just a sliver of the moon has reappeared and it’s starting to grow, this is a potent time for planting seeds, both literally and metaphorically. Think deeply about the goals you want to accomplish and the dreams you want to nurture and grow in your life. Write these intentions down, and visualize them coming true. What does your dream smell, taste, sound, look, and feel like? What are you wearing and who is there with you? Be as specific as you can. Imagine that as the moon gets bigger and brighter, so are you. The light is building, and along with it, your magic and intentions intensify. 

Full Moon Magic: At this time of the month, the moon shines brightest, and its effects can be felt most strongly. At the full moon, everything is intensified: emotions may run high, magic may feel more potent, and psychic information may come to you more easily. The full moon can be used for basically any time of magic, but it is a particularly good time to work manifestation magic. Just as the moon is sending out it’s maximum amount of brightness into the world, you too can send out your desires into the universe with these intentions.

The Waning Moon: This is the ideal time to do cleansing and clearing magic. It’s a blank slate, and a call to let go of anything that’s not serving you as you move into the new moon cycle. Do some gentle introspection through journaling or meditation, ask yourself what is blocking you? While imagining your blocks falling away, take action: soak in a cleansing bath with epsom salts, say “No” to things that don’t resonate with you, and slow down if your body wants you to. This is a good time to clear space, both in your physical space and in your mind. Listen closely and the moon’s intuitive guidance will help you to understand what you need to release.

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