We are Little Witchery, a magical community for children and adults.

Little Witchery is an apothecary and community dedicated to accessible everyday magic. We believe that a little bit of witchery, infused with practical ritual, imaginative play, and positive intention, can nurture and heal kids (and adults’ inner children).

Our Consultations

We offer one-on-one consultations with magical kids and their parents, as well as adults looking to get in touch with their inner child. Through practical coaching, we encourage little witches to live an enchanted and empowered life.

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Ariel Kusby is a writer, children’s bookseller, and practicing witch. She is the author of The Little Witch’s Book of Spells (Chronicle Books, August 2020), a magical handbook for children 8 to 12 years old. Her work is inspired by folklore, writing rituals, herbalism, and the power of imaginative play. She lives in Portland, Oregon where she studies magic at the Blue Iris Mystery School. To learn more about her other writing projects, visit www.arielkusby.com.


Inner Child Bath
Little Witch Starter Kit
Little Witch Starter Kit
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Little Witchery is here to help you bring a bit more magic into your life. You deserve mystery and enchantment every day: just a little witchery.


Founded in 2020 by Ariel Kusby, Little Witchery is an encouraging witchcraft community based in Portland, OR.

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